Miamisburg Water Heater Repairs

Searching for quality Miamisburg water heater repairs companies can be a daunting task. Can you trust them? Are they timely? Do they do good work? Ed Rike Plumbing Heating and Air checks all the boxes. Whether you’re needing a brand-new hot water heater installed or just some repairs to your existing one, we have your back. We are a family owned and operated company and have been in the business for 30 years. That means we bring a level of experience and expertise that you will not find elsewhere.

When dealing with a water heater problem, you often must decide whether to replace or existing one or purchase a new one. Give Ed Rike’s water heater repairs team in Miamisburg OH a call and we can help you determine the solution that is best for your family. We will help determine what size water tank you need or whether a tankless system would suit your needs better. No matter what your needs are, wemwill be there to assist you.

Has your water heater been acting funny and you question whether it’s getting ready to break? here are the following things to look for: rusty water, water leaks, unusual sounds or rumblings, and age. All of these are signs that may need some repairs or replacement. Ed Rike’s Miamisburg water heater repairs can help you determine what is going on with your water heater.

Extending the life of your water heater is always a good idea. Some things to do to get more life out of your water heater is the following: 1. drain the tank to remove any sediment that has built up. 2. Adjust the temperature down if you can. If you can lower your temperature 10 degrees, you can potentially save up to 5% on your energy costs. 3. Check the anode rod and if there is calcium build up, replace it. 4. Test the TPR valve and make sure it’s working correctly. 5. Call the best water heater repairs company in Miamisburg OH to handle all your maintenance needs.

Don’t put off the maintenance and repairs to your water heater. Give us a call at 937-962-2939 for a free estimate and our helpful staff will gladly assist you. Calling the most trustworthy Miamisburg water heater repairs company, Ed Rike Plumbing Heating and Air will always be the right choice.