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At Ed Rike Plumbing, Heating & Air in Oakwood, OH, we take pride in providing excellent service. We do this by offering a full array of heating and cooling services from central AC repair to furnace maintenance. Best of all, we are available for emergency AC and heating repair so you can expect assistance around the clock. If you’re feeling discomfort in your home, call today. We can get to the root of the problem and get you back to enjoying the comfort of your home.

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Professional Furnace Installation

Installing a new furnace is not a DIY project. The best part about professional service is that you can feel confident knowing your system was installed properly and is able to handle your demands. We do this by focusing on each and every step to make sure you’re left with a great result. Here’s how we do it:

  • Complete a load calculation: This is a calculation that helps us determine what the demands of your home are when it comes to heating and cooling. This gives us a good idea about how to size your unit for your home so that it is efficient and effective for your space:
  • Out with the old: We remove your old furnace and clean and check the area to make sure everything is compatible with your new unit. We get rid of your old unit so you don’t have to worry about additional hassles.
  • Installation: Finally, your new system will be installed by a team of knowledgeable professionals. We work fast so that you don’t have to spend a lot of downtime without the comforts of your furnace.

Signs You Need Central AC Repair

Having your AC breakdown when you need it most is a huge hassle. Your AC usually breaks down in extremely hot water because of overexertion, which means you can expect to feel discomfort. Here are some red flags you should be on the lookout for when it comes to your unit:

  • Warm air: This is one of the most uncomfortable parts of a breakdown. If the air circulating your home is warm but your unit’s thermostat is set to cool, give the professionals a call.
  • Cycling: Cycling is normal but if you notice your AC is turning on and off frequently, you may need a tune up or repair.
  • High humidity levels: Your unit is also responsible for regulating the amount of humidity in the air. If you notice high humidity, the culprit could be your unit.
  • Strange smells: Mustiness or foul odors could mean a problem with your ducts or with your system in general.
  • Strange noises: This is always a good indication that something isn‘t right. Rattling noises can mean a loose part inside.

Emergency HVAC Service

Whether it’s the middle of winter or summer, if something goes wrong with your HVAC system, you’re likely to be experiencing some discomfort. You don’t have to wait to do something about it. Our technicians are standing by to assist you with your needs around the clock. You don’t have to spend the night shivering or sweating. Just give us a call at the first sign of trouble. You can expect:

  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Same days service
  • Knowledgeable technicians
  • A+ BBB rated service

Ed Rike Plumbing, Heating & Air in Oakwood, OH is your choice for HVAC services. We specialize in heating and cooling systems and deliver fast results. Call today at 937-962-2939 to schedule your service.