Burst Pipe Repair in Dayton

A burst pipe can release tremendous amounts of water into your Dayton, OH home. Call Ed Rike Plumbing, Heating & Air for expert water line repair and burst pipe repair. Serving Preble, Montgomery, Darke, Miami, Clark and Greene Counties.

Cold Dayton winters see an increase in the number of burst pipes and the damage that occurs to properties. If your home is at risk for frozen pipes, or if the pipes have already frozen, call Ed Rike Plumbing, Heating & Air for frozen pipe repair right away to avoid disaster.

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The Dangers of Burst Pipes

When pipes burst, they can release significant amounts of water quickly, which leads to water damage and the probability of mold and mildew buildup. Water flowing into the house doesn’t just damage furniture and flooring; it can also damage sentimental items like photos or belongings.

Also, burst pipes are an inconvenience because of the time, money, and burden of cleaning up the mess and making repairs. It’s critical that you call for help when your pipes freeze or leak so you can minimize the damage and prevent a bad situation from worsening.

How to Prevent Burst Pipes

The trick to dealing with burst pipes is to take precautions to ensure they don’t break in the first place. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Insulate the Pipes – Insulating the pipes prevents them from freezing. Frozen pipes are prone to breaking, so if you find that you have a frozen pipe, be cautious when handling it. If the pipe rests at ground level, try to thaw it. If the pipe isn’t easily accessed, call a professional for help.
  • Run Water – When temperatures drop below freezing, it’s helpful to let the water trickle out of your vulnerable taps to prevent freezing.
  • Direct Warm Air to Problem Areas – Often, the pipes that freeze first are ones located near an outside wall or window, so you can prevent freezing by directing warm air to the colder areas.
  • Disconnect the Hose from Outside – A frozen hose bib is another problem many homeowners face when winter sets in, so to guard against this, disconnect the hose from the outside faucet so water can drain out of the hose bib and prevent freezing.
  • Use Heat Tape – Heat tape is ideal for warming pipes during cold weather. While you can install the tape yourself, it’s best to consult with a professional plumber.
  • Call for Help – When you have frozen pipes, or have ones that are in danger of freezing, call a professional for assistance.

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Signs You Need Main Water Line Repair

A failing main water line may also show signs that it needs replacing. Whether you need a repair or replacement, there are signs to watch for to ensure your home’s water quality isn’t compromised, such as:

  • Low Pressure
  • A change in the water’s color
  • Wet patches in the yard
  • Increase in your water bills

Call Ed Rike Plumbing, Heating & Air, when you need help with frozen pipes or the main water line. Contact us at 937-962-2939.