Dayton Hydro Jetting Services

If you have a stubborn clog that you can’t fix, no matter what, call Ed Rike Plumbing, Heating & Air, and ask about our hydro jetting services. We happily serve Preble, Montgomery, Darke, Miami, Clark, and Greene Counties.

Plumbing clogs and blockages are common problems that affect many Dayton homeowners. Sometimes the clog goes away by itself, and sometimes one must take action to remove the obstruction. When all else fails, call a hydro jetting company like Ed Rike Plumbing, Heating & Air.

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What is Hydro Jetting?

While you can solve most plumbing clogs on your own, ignoring a stubborn obstruction can mean damage to your plumbing and water backing up into your home.

When you’ve tried everything to get rid of a clog and failed, consider hydro jetting as an option. Hydro jetting is when a plumber uses a high-pressure hose to blast through your plumbing to remove the clog. Hydro jetting is more effective than snaking or plunging. Also, chemical drain cleaners work by ‘melting’ clogs, but using them repeatedly can cause your pipes to erode, which may weaken them, and you’ll have a burst on your hands.

Do You Need Hydro Jetting?

While many Dayton, OH homeowners easily remove clogs with augers, snakes, plungers, or drain cleaners, stubborn obstructions require something more powerful. Thanks to the high water pressure, there are virtually no clogs that can stand up to hydro jetting. You may need hydro jetting if:

  • Other drain cleaning methods, such as drain snakes, have failed.
  • You experience slow-running drains, recurring clogs, multiple clogged drains at a time, or a backed-up sewer.
  • You’re doing work on your pipes, such as fixing a leak or crack. Hydro jetting makes the job easier and quicker.

If you’re still not sure that hydro jetting is right for you, call Ed Rike Plumbing, Heating & Air with any questions.

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Symptoms of a Severe Drain Blockage

Clogged drains can happen to anyone, so if you notice any of the following issues, you might be the right candidate for hydro jetting.

  • Slow-moving or standing water in your sinks or tubs
  • Foul odors coming from the toilet, sink, or tub
  • Regurgitating toilet or sink
  • Tree roots infiltrating your pipes
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your plumbing

If you notice any of the above issues, you might be one who’ll benefit from our hydro jetting services.

Call Ed Rike Plumbing, Heating & Air at 937-962-2939 to schedule hydro jetting service in the Dayton area.