Troy Plumbing Companies

When you’re looking for trustworthy Troy plumbing companies to help you with a plumbing problem you might have, look no further than Ed Rike Plumbing Heating and Air. We are a family owned and operated company that’s been in business for over 30 years which means we bring a level of experience and expertise that is unmatched.

Ed Rike Plumbing Heating and Air is a full-service plumbing company that’s ready to help you with any problem you might have with your plumbing, heating or air system. Having an issue with a drain? We can take care of that for you. Sometimes grease, hair, or food particles can clog a drain to the point that it can’t drain at all, but we have the tools and knowledge to handle that too. If the clog is an exceptionally tough one, we can bring in our hydro jetter and unclog it that way. There is no job too big or small for our plumbing company in Troy OH.

Have you ever woken up to a cold shower? What a way to start the morning! Don’t delay in calling Ed Rike Plumbing Heating and Air….one of the best Troy plumbing companies. We will assess the issue and check your water heater to see where the problem lies so we can quickly find a solution and get your hot water up and running again.

If you’re looking to do a bathroom remodel, call our professional team and let us assist you in the design and execution of your project. We have access to top manufacturers as well as the best product lines out there. Whether you want a spa-like bathroom or you’re looking to add a nice, big jacuzzi with jets, we will take your bathroom from boring to stunning. None of the other plumbing companies in Troy OH can compare.

Needing an estimate quickly? Have a question that you need answered? Call Ed Rike Plumbing Heating and Air, one of the most experienced Troy plumbing companies. We offer 24-hour emergency services so don’t delay! Give us a call at 937-962-2939 and let’s get your plumbing back in tip top shape.